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Di Bernardo et al. Stem Cell Research Therapy 2014, 5:4 AccessSera of overweight people promote in vitro adipocyte differentiation of bone marrow stromal cellsGiovanni Di Bernardo2, Giovanni Messina2, Stefania Capasso2, Stefania Del Gaudio2, Marilena Cipollaro2, Gianfranco Peluso3, Fiorina Casale4, Marcellino Monda2 and Umberto Galderisi1,2,3*AbstractIntroduction: Overweight status should not be considered merely an aesthetic concern; rather, it can incur health risks since it may trigger a cascade of events that produce further fat tissue through altered levels of circulating signaling molecules. There have been few studies addressing the effect of overweight status on the physiological functions of stem cells, including mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which are the progenitors of adipocytes and osteocytes and are a subset of the PubMed ID: bone marrow stromal cell population. Methods: We decided to investigate the influence of overweight individuals’ sera on in vitro MSC proliferation and differentiation. Results: We observed that in vitro incubation of bone marrow stromal cells with the sera of overweight individuals promotes the adipogenic differentiation of MSCs while partially impairing proper osteogenesis. Conclusions: These results, which represent a pilot study, might suggest that becoming overweight triggers further weight gains by promoting a bias in the differentiation potential of MSCs Actidione web toward adipogenesis. The circulating factors involved in this phenomenon remain to be determined, since the great majority of the well known pro-inflammatory cytokines and adipocyte-secreted factors we investigated did not show relevant modifications in overweight serum samples compared with controls.Introduction Overweight status and obesity refer to total body weights greater than those considered healthy [1]. Although the public health and medical consequences of the rise in obesity are evident, overweight status is only considered critical for body image and the damaging consequences in terms of health a.