F the individual meaning units into specifically revealing themes. The themes were subsequently decontextualised and additional condensed into far more general and abstract categories. To minimise the effects from the researchers’ individual preconceptions around the analysis,the investigators met quite a few occasions to go over and rewrite the codes and categories. The analytical procedure is illustrated in Table .Table The analytical processMeaning units (chosen) Lack of competence by healthcare pros Initial terrific respect for the healthcare system Comprehensive failure by the method Fear of potential consequences to life and well being Fear of punishment Becoming alone and abandoned Struggling to survive Treated with contempt Worry of being seen as disgusting Fear of becoming a burden Not wanting to relate to bodily femininity Lost self-assurance in capability of physique To encounter serious fear of childbirth Future wish for CS Rather adopt than undergo childbirth Developing a sense of security Confronting own fear Learned to trust one’s self Getting the strength when crossing barriersEthical considerationsThe women have been assured confidentiality and written informed consent for participation inside the PubMed ID:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23056280 study was obtained from all the ladies. Arrangements have been created to ensure referral to a psychologist in the hospital if necessary. The girls had been informed of this possibility in the finish in the interviews,but none of them made use of this chance. Under Danish law,ethical approval for noninvasive studies will not be needed. Nonetheless,due to the sensitive issues involved,we presented the survey for the Investigation Ethics Committee of Copenhagen,who discovered no objections towards the study (HFSP).Themes (chosen) The abuse as a nonphysical act Not intentionalCategories Abusive acts of nonintended harmNot being met with empathy Not getting seen as a human person Loss of trustDehumanizationDistorted perception of body Affected reproductive healthBodily remembranceFinding inner strength Getting help from othersFinding the strength to move onSchroll et al. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth ,: biomedcentralPage ofResultsDescription of PS-1145 supplier participantsCharacteristics of your participants are presented in Table . The mean age from the females was years and roughly half of them had been multiparous. The females had offered birth involving and months prior to the interviews. The women having a selfreported moderate or serious knowledge of abuse scored highly around the suffering scale ( and ,respectively). Nonetheless,several of the ladies having a combined mild and moderate practical experience of AHC also reported suffering in the higher end from the scale (data not shown).Systematic text condensationwomen,the events were associated to childhood experiences of gynecological examinations due to extreme pain. The events for the remaining nine females were all connected to nonphysical acts. For some women the event had occurred in relation to a prior pregnancy or delivery and for others it was knowledgeable when utilizing the healthcare technique below other circumstances (i.e. in relation to an induced abortion,and throughout examinations for what the lady feared to be cancer). A number of females described subsequent experiences of AHC immediately after their initial encounter. The majority of the women described obtaining an initial perception in the notion of AHC as an intended act of physical and or sexual harm and they expressed uncertainty as to whether they had been exposed to AHC at all. Nicely,I assume it [AHC] is such an overwhelming concept,but that is because I relate it to rap.