In Guangxi Important Laboratory of AIDS Prevention and Therapy, College of
In Guangxi Essential Laboratory of AIDS Prevention and Remedy, School of Public Well being, Guangxi Medical University. The data had been shared by Guangxi Medical University and all cooperating institutions (see the institutions of all authors of this paper). With the agreement of Guangxi Healthcare University and all cooperating institutions of thisQuestionnaireAfter getting the participant’s verbal consent that they had fully understood what PrEP is and following signing the informed consent, the RAs supplied every participant having a selfadministered questionnaire (Documents S3 and S4). During the approach of questionnaire completion, communication in between the RAs plus the participants continued. The participants have been encouraged to ask the RAs to explain any content that was unclear to them. Moreover, terms within the questionnaire that were not understood by participants had been additional explained in plain language by the RAs. The questionnaire is comprised of 3 parts as follows: Demographic characteristics. Twelve items had been investigated to show the socioeconomic qualities of FSWs, including ethnicity, age, birthplace, household registration, residence status, education level, perform atmosphere, month-to-month income, marital status, regardless of whether they’ve kids, family members relationships, and thePLOS One plosone.orgPrEP Interest amongst Female Sex Workers in GuangxiTable two. Willingness to accept PrEP or take part in a clinical trial (N, ).Total Willingness to accept PrEP Willingness to take part in a clinical trial doi:0.37journal.pone.0086200.t002 405Having heard of PrEP six (five.) 52 (four.9)Willing 348 (85.9) 89 (54.3)Unwilling 57 (4.) 59 (45.7)study, the information are going to be available to other folks and institutions.HIV risk (27.7 ), concern about objections from loved ones (20.7 ), and discrimination by others (.three ) (Table three).Results Demographic characteristics of participantsA total of 405 FSWs completed the selfadministered questionnaire. Table shows the demographic characteristics with the participants. On the respondents (n 405), 37.0 had been from Nanning, 39.five from Liuzhou, and 23.five from Beihai city, Danirixin respectively. The majority of participants (62.2 ) were from male dominated venues (hotels, nightclubs and massage parlours), as well as the rest from streetbased places (barber shops and streetwalkers). Participants ranged in age from eight to 53 years (median 28.0, mean 29 SD 7.7). In total, 26.four of participants came from urban places, 73.six from rural places; 60.7 belonged for the Han ethnic group, 39.three were ethnic minorities; 24.two had principal college education level, 60.two had junior higher college education level, and five.6 had senior higher college or above education. Of all participants, 6.8 reported a month-to-month income of 000 RMB PubMed ID: (Chinese Yuan, equivalent to , U.S. 6), 57.five in between ,000 RMB and three,000 RMB, 25.7 .3,000 RMB (equivalent to , U.S. 482); 20.5 of participants reported under no circumstances possessing been married, 68.four had been married or cohabitated, . have been divorced, separated or widowed. On typical, the FSWs had had eight sexual partners in the past seven days (median 7.0, imply 8.5, SD 6.0), inside a range of to 50.Components associated with HIV PrEP acceptabilityResults of univariate analysis of aspects connected with HIV PrEP acceptability indicated that statistically substantial (p0.0) variables included location, perform conditions, monthly earnings, family relationships, HIVAIDS expertise, weekly client quantity, not obtaining had oral sex inside the last six months, no matter if the gatekeepers.