Al processes that normally take place when performing a healthcare study. Section 3 presents some discussion concerning the final results that have been obtained, showing the advantages of this approach more than the manual system. Ultimately, Section four shows the conclusions of this investigation, showing how collaborative operate of healthcare and pc science researchers may possibly assist to develop useful applications for e-health.2. Supplies and Methods2.1. Standardized Types. Present investigation on substance consumption and abuse tries to study a wider array of components that may be involved in consumption habits. In specific, the social environment exactly where the person is immersed is of specific interest. This really is even more critical when the population subjects of study are adolescent people today since it is often a stage in life where close buddies and colleagues may influence each and every other’s life style and habits, which includes alcohol and substance consumption (a survey on this sort of research for the case on the European Union may be found in [11]). An approach primarily based on the analysis of standard information about person consumption levels and danger assessment in conjunction with strategies from social network analysis applied to friendship and loved ones relationships may possibly give a lot more insight in to the person and group scenario than narrower classic research. Classic tools to collect details about individual consumption habits along with other psychosocial and socioeconomic measures for an individual consist of quite a few wellknown, validated, and standardized questionnaires. Some of them happen to be included within the option proposed within this analysis: (i) AUDIT (Alcohol Use Problems Identification Test) [12]: this test is applied to detect problematic levels of alcohol consumption or dependence. (ii) FAS II (Loved ones Affluence Scale II) [4] is utilized for assessing loved ones wealth. (iii) ESTUDES (Poll about Drug Use in Secondary School in Spain) [10]: it’s a biannual study for gaining insightComputational and Mathematical Methods in MedicineTable 1: AUDIT danger level scoring [15]. Danger level Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV Intervention Alcohol education Uncomplicated advice Simple guidance plus brief counseling and continued monitoring Referral to specialist for diagnostic evaluation and treatmentAUDIT score 0 85 169 20into behaviors and FPTQ attitudes about substance use. It really is a test that incorporates concerns about consumption of diverse substances. Those related to alcohol were discarded because they have been obtained in other components of your key questionnaire. (iv) KIDSCREEN-27 (Overall health Associated Good quality of Life Questionnaire for Youngsters PubMed ID: and Young Individuals and Their Parents) [13]: it really is employed for figuring out the high-quality of life perception of your adolescent primarily based on five scales: physical and psychological well-being, autonomy and parent relation, peers and social assistance, and school environment. (v) Self-efficacy [14] (Spanish adapted version): it assesses the belief with the adolescent about hisher personal capacities to achieve unique ambitions, specially facing stressful situations. These questionnaires have a scoring strategy so that you can get a quantitative andor qualitative result that characterizes the person into several categories that will be later made use of for choice generating or additional evaluation. Table 1 shows, as an example, the scoring and categories for the AUDIT test. This test consists of ten queries whose responses are graded from 0 to four. Adding the grade corresponding to every single response gives an AUDIT score (quantita.