Al processes that generally take place when performing a healthcare study. Section three presents some discussion regarding the final results which have been obtained, displaying the benefits of this approach over the manual process. Lastly, Section 4 shows the conclusions of this study, displaying how collaborative perform of healthcare and personal computer science researchers may perhaps aid to build valuable applications for e-health.two. Amezinium (methylsulfate) site Supplies and Methods2.1. Standardized Types. Existing analysis on substance consumption and abuse tries to study a wider array of things that could possibly be involved in consumption habits. In distinct, the social environment where the person is immersed is of special interest. This really is much more essential when the population subjects of study are adolescent men and women because it is actually a stage in life exactly where close close friends and colleagues may possibly influence every other’s life style and habits, like alcohol and substance consumption (a survey on this type of studies for the case on the European Union can be found in [11]). An approach based on the evaluation of traditional data about individual consumption levels and danger assessment in addition to procedures from social network analysis applied to friendship and loved ones relationships may give a lot more insight into the individual and group circumstance than narrower regular research. Regular tools to collect facts about person consumption habits along with other psychosocial and socioeconomic measures for an individual incorporate several wellknown, validated, and standardized questionnaires. A number of them have already been incorporated inside the answer proposed within this study: (i) AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) [12]: this test is applied to detect problematic levels of alcohol consumption or dependence. (ii) FAS II (Household Affluence Scale II) [4] is utilized for assessing loved ones wealth. (iii) ESTUDES (Poll about Drug Use in Secondary College in Spain) [10]: it is a biannual study for gaining insightComputational and Mathematical Techniques in MedicineTable 1: AUDIT threat level scoring [15]. Threat level Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV Intervention Alcohol education Uncomplicated suggestions Very simple guidance plus brief counseling and continued monitoring Referral to specialist for diagnostic evaluation and treatmentAUDIT score 0 85 169 20into behaviors and attitudes about substance use. It is actually a test that contains inquiries about consumption of diverse substances. These related to alcohol have been discarded for the reason that they have been obtained in other parts of the major questionnaire. (iv) KIDSCREEN-27 (Overall health Associated High quality of Life Questionnaire for Children PubMed ID: and Young Folks and Their Parents) [13]: it can be used for realizing the high quality of life perception in the adolescent primarily based on 5 scales: physical and psychological well-being, autonomy and parent relation, peers and social support, and school atmosphere. (v) Self-efficacy [14] (Spanish adapted version): it assesses the belief in the adolescent about hisher own capacities to attain distinct goals, specially facing stressful situations. These questionnaires have a scoring technique to be able to get a quantitative andor qualitative outcome that characterizes the person into quite a few categories which will be later applied for decision making or further analysis. Table 1 shows, as an instance, the scoring and categories for the AUDIT test. This test consists of ten inquiries whose responses are graded from 0 to four. Adding the grade corresponding to every response gives an AUDIT score (quantita.