Ng the mediating function of capability reconfiguration among boundaryspanning RA839 Epigenetics search and enterprise sustainable innovation is particularly substantial. The study also identified that major manufacturing enterprises integrated into the digital economy actively, so info and technologies (IT) not just supplied real-time technical support for enterprises to embed innovation networks and obtain external understanding [28] but in addition presented contemporary governance strategies for enterprise internal and external connection management [29,30]. For that reason, introducing IT governance as a situational variable to clarify regardless of whether IT governance plays a mediating function in boundary-spanning search and capability reconfiguration can enrich and strengthen the enterprise sustainable innovation model. In summary, when tracking the improvement method of Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the past 30 years, we discovered that the prevalent qualities of leading manufacturing enterprises have been sustainable progress, continuous transformation, and selftranscendence. They integrated into the digital economy actively, connected domestic and foreign enterprises broadly, and carried out boundary-spanning search and capability recon-Processes 2021, 9,3 offiguration constantly, so as to market the sustainable method of innovation. Nonetheless, the existing literature on how manufacturing enterprises have an effect on the approach of enterprise sustainable innovation through boundary-spanning search continues to be somewhat weak. Therefore, this study takes manufacturing enterprises as the analysis objects and explores the path and mechanism on the effects of boundary-spanning search on sustainable innovation in enterprises from the perspective of organizational search and capability reconstruction to reveal the intermediary role of capability reconfiguration amongst boundary-spanning search and enterprise sustainable innovation and clarify the moderating role of IT governance. This study can enrich the innovation search theory, broaden the investigation vision from the driving components of sustainable innovation in manufacturing enterprises, and open the “black box” of how the external MK-1903 Data Sheet know-how is internalized and applied to the new information creation. The research also delivers the theoretical guidance for enterprises to break by way of expertise limitations and capacity constraints so as to correctly boost sustainable innovation overall performance by means of boundary-spanning search strategies. two. Literature Evaluation and Analysis Hypothesis two.1. Boundary-Spanning Search Enterprise sustainable innovation calls for interdisciplinary expertise. Boundaryspanning search is a critical technique for enterprises to receive diversified sources and expertise [31]. Scholars have studied the connotation, boundary, and classification dimensions of boundary-spanning search and their relationship with innovation functionality. Rosenkopf explained that boundary-spanning search is connected to boundary management. By way of boundary-spanning search, enterprises can obtain heterogeneous know-how and facts outdoors their expert field within a complex and dynamic atmosphere [32]. Yang demonstrated that boundary-spanning search, because the driving aspect of enterprise sustainable innovation, aids enterprises overcome the lack of innovation resources and permits them to perceive the capability gap, find business enterprise possibilities, and boost sustainable competitiveness [33]. Some scholars take the “search scope” as the typical, dividing boun.