Unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original
Unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original perform is correctly cited.Shiraz (Islamic Republic of Iran): Islamic Globe Science Citation Center (ISC) organized the Second International Conference of Chief Editors of Analysis Journals in the ISC Campus here on December 1st and 2nd 2014. It was attended by Chief Editors and representatives from Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Malaysia in addition to Iran. Following the welcome address by Dr. M.R. Falahati in the Regional Data Center for Science and Technologies (RICeST) Dr. Razmjoo Director Basic of Fars Governorship, Education and Study Office addressed the conference participants. He highlighted the significance of Shiraz the cultural capital of Iran which has a rich historical background. He pointed out the Shiraz University, famous poets like Hafez and Saadi in addition to Persepolis which attracts tourists to Shiraz. It can be also ISC covers more than 4000 journals of which 1046 are in Science Technology well-known for Center of Excellence for Science and Technologies. Speaking in regards to the Shiraz University of Health-related Sciences, he mentioned that it has 2,50,000 students and ten thousand faculty members which contains 250 Professors, 300 Associate Professors. There are actually greater than one particular hundred coaching centers in the Fars Province. Also there are actually fourteen universities and Analysis Centers like SUMS, Arts, FASA, Jahrom University, Payam Noor University, College of Technology and IslamicCorrespondence: Mr. Shaukat ALi Jawaid, Chief Editor, Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences Karachi – Paklistan. E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] University. He also disclosed that the major 5 FGFR Gene ID authors from Iran with maximum citations are also from Shiraz University. Shiraz University of Health-related Sciences includes a effectively established Liver Transplant programe. We’ve got plans for development of Applied Nano Technology and connecting university academicians with industry- Dr. Razmjoo A number of the strategies which the government, he stated, has worked out had been linking analysis centers with other institutions and organizations. We intend to establish expertise primarily based firms to produce ALK2 supplier wealth. We are also establishing Science and Technology Zone apart from operating around the scientific development on the province. We’ve got plans for implementing extensive Map of Science, improvement of Applied Nano Technologies and connecting university academicians with sector. We also plan to connect university study centers with Islamic nations overseas. He recommended that the participants ought to give recommendations to promote indexing of journals in ISC. We also will need to penalize those who indulge in plagiarism. He concluded his presentation by providing complete assistance of Fars Province for the ISC. Dr. Abbas Sadri, Director of ISESCO Regional Workplace in his speech emphasized the importance of attaining self sufficiency in Science, Technology and Economy. Islamic nations, he opined, must evaluate Science and Technology and ISC can help these countries within this regard. ISC he additional stated has an important role to play. Government, Policy makers, University Managers all requirements reputable science and technologies. Production of scientific literature and number of publications from various nations are many of the importantPak J Med Sci 2015 Vol. 31 No. 1 pjms.com.pkShaukat Ali Jawaidindicators. He also emphasized the importance of top quality journals, evaluation of people and institutions, Citati.