varian follicle development (GO:0001541) Progesterone receptor signaling pathway (GO:0050847); Progesterone-mediated oocyte δ Opioid Receptor/DOR drug maturation (hsa04914); Oocyte meiosis (hsa04114) Circadian sleep/wake cycle, REM sleep (GO:0042747); Ovarian steroidogenesis (hsa04913) Progesterone metabolic approach (GO:0042448) GO:0006700 C21-steroid hormone biosynthetic course of action; Ovarian steroidogenesis (hsa04913) Positive regulation of estradiol secretion (GO:2000866); Negative regulation of macrophage chemotaxis (GO:0010760) Intracellular estrogen receptor signaling pathway (GO:0030520) Unfavorable regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone secretion (GO:0046882); Optimistic regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone secretion (GO:0046881) Cellular response to luteinizing hormone stimulus (GO:0071373) VEGF signaling pathway (hsa04370) Log fold adjust 3.9 1.MOV10L1 Mov10 like RISC complex RNA helicase 1 DDX4 Dead-box helicaseBLM CENPSBLM RecQ like helicase Centromere protein S2.1 1.XRCC3 FANCD2 CDC42 BUBX-ray repair cross complementing FA complementation group D2 Coiled-coil domain containing 42 BUB1 mitotic checkpoint serine/threonine kinase2.1 1.eight ten 1.LHX8 NOBOX SOHLHLIM homeobox 8 NOBOX oogenesis homeobox spermatogenesis and oogenesis certain fundamental helix-loop-helix10 11 eight.Foxl2 FSHR PGRforkhead box L2 Receptor for follicle stimulating hormone Progesterone receptor4.eight two.9 1.STARSteroidogenic acute regulatory protein2.two four.1 two.four 9.five 2.7 two.five 1.three two.CYP17A1 Cytochrome P450 household 17 subfamily A member 1 CYP11A1 Cytochrome P450 loved ones 11 subfamily A member 1 CYP19A1 Cytochrome P450 family 19 subfamily A member 1 ESR2 INHBA LHCGR VEGF-A Estrogen receptor two Inhibin subunit beta A Luteinizing hormone/choriogonadotropin receptor Vascular endothelial growth aspect A0001568); the enriched terms complete list inside the up-regulated genes with their respective log10 (p-values) is in Additional file eight. In Added file 9, a subset of those enriched terms is pictured in a distinctive point of view to show the connections amongst processes, a node images each term, where its size is proportional towards the number of genes belonging to this PDGFRα Accession termparison among the supplemented infected vs control infected groupsWe analysed the complete lists of genes differentially expressed inside the comparison Supplemented Infected vs Control Infected to seek out the enriched pathways inside the ewe lambs’ ovary resulting from the difference of protein’s level in the diet program in the presence of an infection. TheSuarez-Henriques et al. BMC Veterinary Study(2021) 17:Page 9 ofFig. 3 Widespread and distinct up-regulated processes involving Supplemented not Infected vs Handle not Infected and Supplemented Infected vs Manage Infected. The processes that had been identified enriched in common within the two comparisons are represented in the intersection on the two circlesMetascape software identified 2187 gene identifiers, 2187 human Entrez Gene IDs. Among other biological processes and pathways enriched within the up-regulated genes list, we located: Meiotic nuclear division (GO:0140013), Female gamete generation (GO:0007292), Double-strand break repair through break-induced replication (GO: 0000727), HDR through Homologous recombination(R-HSA-5685942), DNA biosynthetic process (GO:0071897), Oocyte meiosis (hsa04114), Establishment of Chromosome localisation (GO:0051303), Methylation (GO: 0032259), DNA conformation change (GO:0071103), Hallmark E2F targets (M5925), DNA – dependent DNA replication (GO: 0006261), DNA replication (R-HSA-69306), Ribosome biogenesis